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The computer center is currently located in the basement and sub-basement of the Library and Humanities Building. It holds three computer classrooms, a computer room, and an administrative office. Responsible for the advancement of the information technology business at CTU, the computer center is divided into four units as follows:

Internet Service Section

  • management of all network servers
  • R & D and establishment of network resources
  • campus network normal operation and security maintenance
  • management and maintenance of the center’s facilities
  • technical support for management and maintenance of all campus network
  • management and maintenance of the administrative network
  • establishing campus platform for information and resource sharing
  • promoting computer related businesses
  • arranging and managing campus web pages
  • setting up a software management system to safeguard intellectual property rights
  • reviewing the use of legitimate computer software on campus network
  • enhancing online ethics of intellectual property rights of CTU students
  • providing consultation and services on the use of computer software
  • offering training and instructions on the Internet use
  • training administrative personnel to handle computerized operation system
  • assisting in the formulation of relevant administrative regulations
  • other matters related to network services

Software Design Section

  • planning and design of the CTU administrative software
  • development and maintenance of CTU administrative system applications
  • takeover and maintenance of software developed by CTU students, faculty or staff
  • development and maintenance of academia-industry collaboration applications
  • establishment of a computerized learning environment
  • other matters related to software design

Digital Learning Section

  • establishing a learning environment for CTU online academy
  • configuring hardware and software for digital learning
  • building a venue for digital information sharing and exchange
  • research and promotion of digital learning with certification
  • research and implementation of digital learning course development procedures
  • training faculty and staff on implementation of e-learning courses
  • training CTU students on taking digital learning courses
  • integrating and managing internal and external resources of e-learning
  • assisting the formulation of relevant administrative regulations
  • providing consultation and services regarding online courses 
  • evaluating the implementation of digital learning courses
  • other digital learning businesses