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Future Development

  Based on the existing solid foundation, the Office of Library & Information Services will gradually build up its administrative capacity and improve the technical support to ensure a robust and secure environment for teaching and research.

  In respect to the administrative aspects of the computer network technology, we will integrate the various administrative data processing operating systems to enable a transparent, consistent and safe process.  An automated leave of absence application system has been put in place and we will further promote computerized document processing and complete the administrative network office environment. This will greatly improve the efficiency of the administrative work.

  In the construction of sophisticated and secure network systems, a school ATM network system will be implemented by phases.  It will achieve QoS (Quality of Service) and establish network security defense measures.

  Additionally, we will replace old equipment in computer labs, upgrade the campus network speed, and build up the computer research lab equipment. In the scope of wireless network, currently there are multiple wireless access points available on campus. The next step is to gradually extend the wireless Internet access to the entire campus.

  In the future the plan is to combine services and resources with all levels of schools in Changhua area and to actively work with companies and industry in technical cooperation. This will increase the capabilities of the computer center and help it to become the key information network service center in the central Taiwan area.